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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shane Charles Sourgose's follow-up to "Life in the City" . . . A book of literary music.

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Below is an excerpt from Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies by Shane Charles Sourgose:
Just a Dream
Upon this bed my soul sits
Pondering a fragrant midnight scene
June’s blossoming floral ream
And specks of stars gleam fit
Complicated puzzles, finished bit by bit
These philosophies, not what they seem
As my realm displays a fiend
Enter the delirium trip
Am I falling, has time paused
Psychological ability nearly void
And darkness encompasses
What have I done for such cause?
As the fantasy was just a decoy
These illusion rumpuses
How does one redeem
When you are stuck in a dream

Sonnets, Songs and Soliloquies by Shane Charles Sourgose

Photograph of author (center in tank) with friends at Dolores Park by Claudia Cali -

Life in the City author Shane Charles Sourgose releases his follow-up to life in San Francisco with a book of poetry, music and monologues.

"I was inspired by literary artists of the past, like Rimbaud and Shakespeare, respectively . . .  with utilizing 'you and me' prose, I was able to be a little more honest than I was in Life in the City, portraying my softer side," Sourgose says during an interview with Diana Dawn.

The author plans to visit South America beginning May 2011 for a forthcoming novel.

"I will be visiting Suriname, which is a Dutch country north of Brazil, meeting with a great-great friend of mine whom is working for the Peace Corps," Sourgose also relayed during his interview on Sonoma SUN 91.3fm with the aforementioned.