Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shane Charles Sourgose, poet of Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies, to interview on Sun FM 91.3 Sonoma.

Photograph of Shane Charles Sourgose by Walter Parada

Tuesday, November 1st 2011, Sourgose will be interviewed by Diana Dawn during her radio show, Some Like it Hot, which airs between 7-8pm (available online).

The bestselling author to discuss his current trip in South America, release of poetry piece Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies, and forthcoming espionage based fiction, The Professional, Cleaner and Lookout.

Dawn, heats the airwaves on her weekly production through interviews with celebrities, film reviews and live performances. Comedian, Jackie Mason, has complimented Dawn with having, “Wit, charm, beauty, talent and possessing real star material!”

Sun FM 91.3 is a nonprofit radio station completely adopted by the community. With over 60 volunteer hosts from the Sonoma area, each with varying interests and views, programming is free of commercial restraints.

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